Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sarah Palin will be a TV court judge. There was an awkward moment when a producer saw Sarah Palin’s judge audition tape and asked, “Why is Caitlyn Jenner wearing a robe?” 

Amazon has a show where they follow an NFL team for an entire season. Last year they followed the Cleveland Browns, so this year they’re going to try a real NFL team. 

Two of the Los Angeles Lakers, Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson, have been charged with sexual harassment. Being Lakers, they took a shot at hitting on her from two feet away and still missed. 

Dallas Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones, said trying to link CTE brain disease and the NFL is absurd. In a related story, Jerry Jones clearly has CTE. 

Remember racist LA Clipper owner, Donald Sterling? He had his $1 bil. lawsuit against the NBA thrown out. Sterling would appeal, but the words appeal and Donald Sterling cannot go together. 

Because of a Ted Cruz ad that featured a seductive picture of Melania Trump, Donald Trump has threatened to release damaging information on Cruz’s wife, Heidi. And here I was worried this campaign might get ugly.

In a poll to name a British research ship, the leader is Boaty McBoatface. As bad as that is, it is still much better than Shippy McShipface. 

And I do not care how arrogant someone is, do not call them Cocky McCockface. What?