Monday, March 21, 2016

“TMZ” showed Tom Brady and his wife, Giselle, surfing pretty big waves in Costa Rica. Those poor kids. If only life would let them catch one single break. Is that asking too much? 

In the picture, Tom is riding regular-foot with the wave backside on a left turn. But it is Giselle’s backside that is the real star.  

Tom is riding an inflatable surf board and it looks a little soft. Someone check that.  

Happy 35th anniversary to Post-it Notes. Remind me to text myself to remind me not to buy Post-it Notes, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

The NFL had its annual owners and coaches meeting in swanky Boca Raton, Fla. Everything was first class. The buffet was all-your-ego-can-eat.

President Obama is on an historic trip to Cuba. Part of me believes the reason is because Obama just loves to say the word Cuba. “Uh. You know. I. Uh. Like to say the word Cuba. A lot. Cuba. See?”

In a poll to name a British research ship, the leading contender is Boaty McBoatface. Naming something by an internet poll is a bad idea, just ask my dog: Deez Nutz. 

Scott Baio has endorsed Donald Trump. This is why you have to love celebrity egos. Scott Baio actually thinks we care who Scott Baio endorses. 

Baio actually thinks someone will think; “Well, I was going to vote for Bernie Sanders, but if Scott Biao endorses Trump, by god, I’m voting for Trump. He was Chachi after all.” 

Scott Baio has endorsed Donald Trump. You know how sometimes you read about a father who leaves to buy beer and never comes back to the family? Why can’t celebrities do that?

Scott Baio has endorsed Donald Trump.  That is great, but I am going to wait and hear what Urkle thinks.

In an internet poll to name a British research ship, the leading contender is Boaty McBoatface. Other contenders were Seaman Container, Below Me and the HMS Ben Dover. 

Sadly, a 27-year-old Texas man, Phillip Panzica, famous for being arrested in February for having sex on a Las Vegas ferris wheel with a woman he just met, died after picking up his fiancé, who is a dancer in a strip club. So apparently an STD can kill you.

At his concert in L.A., Bruce Springsteen signed a nine-year-old boy’s tardy note for school the next day. The note from the Boss said, “Baby We Born To Run Late.”