Friday, November 28, 2014

A French man claims he has invented a pill that makes passed gas smell sweeter. The pill is called; “Toot Sweet, Tout Suite.”

A 30-year-old woman from Arizona suffers from a disorder that gives her six hours of orgasms a day. To end her orgasms, doctors have prescribed she binge-watch those lady-boner-killers, Dr. Phil and Bill O’Reilly.

Swimming great, Michael Phelps’s ex-girlfriend, 41-year-old Taylor Chandler, claims she was born a man. She was not born a fully developed man, she was somewhere between Bruce Jenner and Madonna.
When she was 20, she had an operation to remove her penis. Which is technically called a Hack-a-dick-o-me.

Cleveland authorities are now investigating a large brawl involving backup Browns QB, Johnny Manziel. So, in short order, he’s gone from Johnny “Football” to Johnny “Bench” to Johnny “Bench-warrant.”

Elevator-fiancé puncher, Ray Rice, won his appeal to have his suspension ended. This marks the first time the words Ray Rice and appeal have been used together.

Olive Garden is advertising their Tour of Northern Italy menu. The tour extends North in Italy all the way to the towns of Crapola and Shinola.

How boring where the three NFL games on Thanksgiving? Eating turkey and watching those turkeys would put Ryan Seacrest in a stupor.