Saturday, November 22, 2014

Harvard beat Yale Saturday, 31-24. This is the only football game where the players are so smart, they don’t high five, they high square root of Pi.

 "Master Chef Junior" 

These kids are such adorable and talented chefs. And most of them are the recipe for melting my heart: little dorks. They are so sweet,  funny, gifted and kind. Really good chefs.

10-year-old Coco gets eliminated and, in her departing interview, says:

"I'm sad to be eliminated. But I am glad to be going home to my dog and my dad."

In that order . . . 

And another 8-year-old girl, Oona, won a challenge and got to pick between three live fowl; a chicken, a duck and a turkey. When they brought out the turkey, Oona said;

"It looks like my grandmother."

Sure grandma was thrilled by that...

One of the fascinating aspects of the Cosby sex scandal is the difference between celebrities and regular folks. The next time 18 people accuse you of a heinous sex crime, try responding by saying nothing and see how that works for you.