Monday, June 23, 2014

Dear Kasey-boop,

Sure, it makes me seem like a crazy-man to write to you, but it makes me feel better to even pretend to talk to you. It's like when Forrest talks to Jenny's grave.

Last night, when I let Wrigley in, I must have been tired, but I waited a good two seconds for you to come in too. We don't just miss you, we think you're still here.

After my dad and mom died, I used to think I saw them in the crowd. And that their being gone was just a big mistake or misunderstanding. Maybe the brain does that to get you through the rough patches? Maybe, in some way, they were in those crowds?

Anyway, Kasey, we still miss you a lot. Always will. It is going to be beyond tough to put that Labrador angel on top of the Christmas tree this year. Guess this will be our first Christmas with two angel Labradors.

Your loving dad

(Wrote this a couple years ago. Now we have three angel Labradors)