Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy Hatching Day for my snake brothers, Mark and Bill (belated). May the road rise to meet where you slither. 

The mayor of the wealthy Los Angeles suburb of San Marino, resigned after a security camera caught him throwing dog poop on a neighbor’s yard. Otherwise known as a white person’s drive-by.

World Cup Update:

Just watched Chile destroy the reigning champs, Spain, 2-0. It featured a lot of what US sports fans dislike about soccer. Lots of flopping, lots of fake injuries. Spain was playing badly until it was down 2-0 and then Spain played like a bunch of teenage girls who would rather be at the mall. Flouncing, pouting, whining.

No lie, if I was on the Spanish Futbul Commitee or whatever it is called, I would freeze paychecks and launch an investigation. It is one thing to get out-played and out-hustled, but these guys flat out quit their jobs right on the field. 

The World Cup is proving, once again, that alleged experts do not know diddley squat bupkis. If you had said Spain would not make it out of their group and it looks like the US could, they would have laughed in your face.