Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The World Cup in Brazil is about to begin. 

Here are the top things you are going to hear American sports fans say during the World Cup.

 “Hey, that guy used his head. Is it legal to use your head?”

“Oh no, I am pretty sure that guy just got shot. He went down without anyone touching him.”

“That is a lot of guys with one name and ponytails.”

“The British announcer said there is a kent-trah-ver-see. (controversy) “What the hell is a kent-trah-ver-see?”

“The British announcer said the player seemed to be in “a spot of bother.” Is that the same thing as being screwed?”

“Oh, look, before the game, they all brought their kid out with them.”

“So I guess when a soccer announcer says unlucky, he means they messed up?”

“Wait a minute, the guy in front of that big net thingy used his hands. How come he gets to use his hands?”

“Shouldn’t they be kicking it toward the goal? Why aren’t they kicking it toward the goal?”

“As soon as the game was over, a bunch of guys switched over to the other team handing over their jerseys and everything.”

"Now the announcer is saying the score is one, nil. Who the hell is Nil?"

“So tell me again why they can’t catch it with their hands?”