Friday, January 27, 2012

A woman in England, Hazel Jones, has two vaginas. You think that is wild? The Kardashian family has six dicks.

New information emerging on that amazing Navy Seal Team raid to free the hostages from the Somali terrorists. Before the raid, they handed out to the Seals inspirational bracelets with W.W.M.W.D.? on them, which stands for: What Would Mark Wahlberg Do?

"Modern Family" quote of the week:

Phil Dunphy: "No, "Blindside" was the black tight end."

Alex Dunphy: "Offensive line."

Phil: "Sorry, African American."

Re: Joe Paterno. A great coach, no doubt. But there are crimes that are so heinous - though crimes of neglect they may be - they are crimes that cannot be forgiven.