Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What the hell?

Bruce Jenner is the guy on the left with the bad fu manchu who, at 6.2, could not weigh more than 180 lbs in 1972. Steve Prefontaine, a 5,000 runner, was more buffed. Tenth place finish at Munich in a relatively weak field. Except for the winner, USSR's Avilov, who, if I am not mistaken, died soon after due to steroid-caused kidney failure.

Four years later and I doubt he weighs less than 225. 40 to 45 pounds of muscle in four years? And that weight gain is from a guy who ran an insane 50+ miles a week for the 1500. Bruce, don't pee on my foot and tell me it's raining. Destroys a very strong field. No less an expert than top decathlon guru, Dr. Frank Zarnowski, commented at the time - in amazement - Jenner changed his body type from ectomorph (frail and skinny) to mesomorph (buffed) in four years.

And here he is now

"People" magazine, April, 1977.
"The whole ballgame is to preserve your dignity and not do something that makes you look like a fool." Bruce Jenner.

In what would also become a lesson in irony, Bruce Jenner helps us understand the definition of dignity. How did that work out for him?

What was even more damning as evidence to Jenner's steroid abuse wasn't just the adding of 45 pounds in four years, but the more dramatic weight loss right afterwards. When you stop taking steroids, the muscles vanish. At the time of this article Jenner admitted he was thinner than in Montreal, but, as usual, lied about how much. Many guessed 20 pounds melted off the year after the Olympics.

By the time he was cast to play "Superman" ahead of Christopher Reeves - until they found out Jenner couldn't act to save his life and his voice was higher than Richard Simmons's - Jenner was considered too skinny to realistically play the part.

The top picture speaks to Jenner's natural build, slight and frail. Yes, he is getting older. But so are naturally buffed athletes like Jim Brown and they are still burly.

Why so hard on the
BJ, I can hear my buddy, Mark O'Snake, say? I'll tell you why, Snickity. For lack of a better word, Jenner is the patriarch of the most sinister and evil family in the world. The Kardashian's personify all that is wrong with our society.

The stupidity. The vanity. The snottiness. The sheer greed. The rudeness. The entitlement.

In short order, Jenner went from my Decathlon idol, to Montreal where he was easily the rudest and biggest a-hole I have ever talked to straight into a thirty year slide into a
colossal humiliation of a human bad joke.

As far back as 1980 in Santa Barbara, rumors of Jenner's wild and wildly flamboyant lifestyle were being touted from a college friend who was one of the only straight guys who worked on the largely un-closeted Barry Manilow tour. Even Jenner's broadcasting buddy, Lynn Swann, joked Jenner like Tequila on his Wheaties.

Believe me, I am not a hater due to Jenner's sexuality, whatever it is. What I am against isn't just the flaming hypocrisy that exists throughout that entire Kardashian lineage, but the way they are pimping that hypocrisy to make a fortune, in essence cashing in on lying to the world.

Sadly, however, as happens too often, the liars, the cheaters, the phonies, the bad guys get the last laugh. (See: Donald Trump) Last year the Kardashian family made over $65 million.