Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scene of the crime today

Now, Slattinas and Nuggasors, you know how I hate to brag . . .

But, if you watched the Farmer's Open at Torrey Pines, your buddy, Lexter-dexter the complexter wreckster, was done up and tearing it up three miles south at La Jolla Shores on his SUP. Brain shattering beautiful day.

Now it is watching the GAHF on TV at TP, a nap and then grilling some steak with bake potato and chives and sour cream. And wine. Lots of red wine.

(Knock on wood three times)

Boooooooooooooooooo Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanng.

Memo to all my beloved Slatterns and Ranchers. From this point forward;

"Why you got to do me like 'dat?" has been changed to;

"I don't understand what happened to our love."

That is all.