Friday, August 07, 2009

New York Giants sign Eli Manning to a $97 mil deal? Who knew there was so much cash in naming your kid after a corny 70's Three Dog Night song? From now on, my daughter, Ann Caroline, is called Shambala.

Get ready to open your pocket books, Professional Women's Soccer. I'm just sayin' I'm just sayin'.

Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed as a Supreme Court judge; I like Sonia Sotomayor, she looks like the elementary school vice president who is in charge of the bake sale at your kid's school.

In a lame attempt to mock the Cubs curse, the Florida Marlins paraded a billy goat in front of the Chicago dugout in between innings. The Cubs were not surprised, given the old age of the Marlin crowd, it is not unusual for an old goat to wander out on the field.

Sonia Sotomayor is the first Supreme Court judge to have English as a second language. George W. Bush was the first President.

Remember that awesome Jill and Kevin Wedding dance video that went viral? Rumor has it they are pregnant. Personally, I cannot wait for the dancing baby's entrance in the delivery room video.

Since you asked:

Granted, I am biased and have switched 180 degrees on Bill Clinton since voting for him, but I would have given anything, during the press conferences for the released journalists, to slap Clinton's big red, swollen self-satisfied face.

Remember, this Clinton is a tool who was so self-absorbed, he passed on pulling the trigger on blowing up Osama bin Laden three times, a move everyone knows would have have saved thousands of lives including those lost on September 11th, but Clinton didn't pull the trigger on Osama because Clinton was worried about the bad press he might get from the possible collateral civilian casualties.

The release of the US Journalists was a deal that was already done and whatever American politician was there would get the credit, Clinton just made sure he weaseled his way past Gore and Kerry to steal the credit.

At least it wasn't Jesse Jackson. Or, heaven forbid, Al Sharpton. As much as I can't stand Clinton, he is better than those two publicity whore shake-down artists.

What is the deal with all of these actresses with the kooked-up names? Chloe Sevigny? Eliza Dushku? Vera Farmiga? I put the blame on Sigourney Weaver and Daphne Zuniga. All the more reason for me to love Anna Faris and Heather Graham.