Friday, August 07, 2009

Bill Clinton is on a roll. Last week, he successfully extracted two female US Journalists from North Korea. Last night he successfully extracted two waitresses from Hooters.

Paris Hilton has not tweeted on Twitter for over five minutes. Frankly, I am worried.

It was revealed cocaine played a part in pitch-man Billy Mays's death. No! Really? Next you'll try to tell me food has a factor in Artie Lang's huge ass.

Bill Clinton is on fire. This week he successfully negotiated the release of two hostage US Journalists from North Korea. Last night he successfully negotiated the release of a bra from an Intern.

Since you asked:

If I had to film a scene showing a stereotypical New York Mets/ New York Jets fan, I would cast Artie Lang. Enough said.

Nobody is a bigger John Hughes fan, his movies weren't just funny, they were sensitive and smart and a study in Midwestern and youth sociology. (Although I do feel Ferris Bueller was more of a theater nerd posing as a cool kid than an actual suburban Chicago cool kid. A more accurate real suburban Chicago cool kid was Vince Vaughn in real life) Not to mention the movies were all filmed in and around my beloved hometown of Winnetka, Illinois.

But scanning from past to present on his movie list, I couldn't help thinking it was a cautionary tale on burning out in Hollywood. Peaking in 1990 with "Home Alone" it was severe steps going down from there ending almost as tragically as Huges's death with "Drillbit Taylor."

Not to tell tales out of school, but maybe, like with Billy Mays, we should wait for the toxology report.

I'm just sayin' I'm just sayin' . . .