Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Top Ten Signs - For an Actor - Your TV Writers are Mad You Didn’t Support Their Strike

Your new love interest? Rosie O’Donnell

Even Regis Philbin finds your character annoying

There are an unusually high number of knee-to-the-groin scenes

Your character slips into a pork-rind-induced coma

Your character’s name has been changed to Zippy

Your new trademark line is “Uh oh. Where are those adult diapers when you need them?”

Every scene calls for a spit-take aimed at your character.

Promos for the show refer to you as “And that other idiot what’s his name?”

The show's newest character is Benny the big-fingered proctologist

And the number one sign –for an actor - your TV Show writer is mad you didn’t support their strike:

Your dialogue consists of only two words: bite and me.