Thursday, July 19, 2007

The trick with Vick

Yes, I will admit that the stomach sickening evidence of dog cruelty in the Michael Vick case had me screaming for Vick’s head like every other dog lover and decent human being. Kick him out of the sport and ruin his life via the press.

But isn’t that exactly what happened to the Duke Lacrosse team?

At the start of the Duke Lacrosse team rape charges, I said that the vastly differing reactions had more to do with the people having them than they did with the facts at hand. White conservative racists immediately disregarded the word of a poor black stripper, the multi-colored liberal racists wanted the rich white boys to fry simply because they were rich white boys.

Granted, the two cases couldn’t be more different. Instead of the word of a mentally unstable, drug-addled hooker versus the word of college athletes, with Vick we have dead dogs and sworn testimony from eye witnesses as well as dog fighting gear.

Does anyone else wonder about the strange vacuum of silence that is coming from those famous publicity whore extortionists Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Gloria Allred on the Michael Vick indictments? Usually when a case develops that encompasses sports, a trial and huge publicity, ala Duke Lacrosse, those hypocrites are the first ones to whore themselves out in the press.

What was Sharpton’s excuse for crucifying a group of college kids in the press? He said he thought the DA would not have charged them with such a serious charge without dead solid evidence, so they must be guilty. Well, as Sharpton is with most things, he was wrong. Granted, the chances that the DA in the Vick case will be another evil, lying, greedy publicity slut moron like Mike Nifong are pretty slim.

But we shouldn’t make the same mistakes we made before with the Duke Lacrosse team. There is a chance – albeit a small one – that Vick is as clueless as he claims to be. All of the testimony could be lies. Until we know for sure, let Vick keep his job in the NFL. Sponsors should not drop him. The press should not try him.

But if Vick cops a plea or is found guilty, that guy should fry, fry, fry.