Friday, December 04, 2015

How about that crazy Hail Mary touchdown for the Green Bay Packers against the Detroit Lions? Roughest loss for a Lion not named Cecil. 

After they had their baby girl, Max, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, pledged to donate his 45 billion fortune. Now that is not the case. Zuckerberg just found out how much diapers cost. 

The performed “The Wiz” live last night on NBC. Which is wild, because I have named Coldplay’s Super Bowl halftime show “Taking the Wiz.” 

In New York, they lit the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza. You know who loves it when they light that tree? All the rats living in it. It makes it feel like a festive rat disco. 

In New York, Federal authorities seized 274 pairs of shoes made from endangered species. The shoes were made from white tiger fur, mountain gorilla skin and Caitlyn Jenner’s scrotum.

The Dick Cheney bust was unveiled at the Capital with Dick Cheney on hand. One was a cold, stony, lifeless figure, the other was a statue.

The Big Ten gave out its football awards and Michigan’s Jake Butt won best Tight End. Best wide receiver went to Northwestern’s cheerleader, Stephan Derriere. 

After they had their baby girl, Max, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, pledged to donate his 45 billion fortune. Turns out he is just putting it in a Limited Liability Company. Zuckerberg did set a new world record for the most shameless Facebook brag. 

Since you asked:

Wildest week of football games ever. No lie, these were the only four games I watched.

Started on Saturday with that great Stanford win over Notre Dame. 

Sunday had the Broncos overtime win against the Patriots. Monday’s game I was sure was going to be clinker, but the Ravens beat the Browns on a blocked kick. And then last night’s Aaron Rodger’s zero-time-left nearly 70-yard long, 30- yard-high toss to beat the Lions.

Tuned in the “Tonight Show” interview of the new female “Star Wars” lead actress, Daisy Ridley. Held my breath in fear she would be anything like Kristen Stewart. Turns out Daisy is the anti-Kristen Stewart. Appreciative of winning the movie star lottery, friendly, open, funny, non-actor-y. And a good actress. 

Saw the NFL Network “Favre Returns.” Did not realize what a jerk Favre had been to the Packers and especially Aaron Rodgers. Good for them for being way classier than Favre was at the time. Hey, feelings and huge egos got hurt. It was messy.  

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big Favre fan. 

Will never forget how swept up we were by that amazing MNF game against the Raiders right after Brett's father died. We watched while I grilled burgers. My daughter was five and deeply concerned with death. So when Al Michaels brought up how sad it was Brett’s father died so close to Christmas, I cringed. 

And then Ann Caroline said;

“Daddy, are the angels going to make sure Brett's dad gets his Christmas presents in heaven?”