Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Yes, I realize Lance Armstong cheated and lied about using performance enhancing drugs, but he did confess to Oprah Winfrey. That took a lot of ball. 

Since you asked:

Pretty sure that if any of the rest of us cheated at what we got paid for - in other words, knew the rules and knowingly broke them anyway - and then, when confronted, lied about cheating. And we did this for ten years in a row. 

When we finally did confess, we, me and you, would go to jail.

Yes, Lance raised a lot of money for cancer. Granted, riding a bike isn't a normal job. But Lance was paid a great deal by his sponsors and by his winnings. 

And it turns out he cheated and lied.

How come Lance isn't going to jail? 

If a poker player won a $10 million poker tournament by hiding a tiny camera on the ceiling and reading everyone's hand, we would all agree that was cheating. If suspected of doing that and confronted, if he lied about it, it would make things worse. 

Would it make any difference that it turned out the other players were cheating too? No. 

He would have to give back the $10 million he effectively stole and then do prison time. 

How come Lance doesn't have to do that?