Wednesday, January 09, 2013

In a TV interview, “Today” show weatherman, Al Roker, admitted he pooped in his pants at the White House. Or, as they call that at the White House, he Joe'd his Bidens.

Taylor Swift broke up with her boyfriend, Harry Styles. Look for Taylor's new single; "You're Not My Styles." 

Since you asked:

All the talk about the steroid cheaters and the baseball Hall of Fame, there is no way Bonds, Sosa, Clemons, et al should go in. 

Not to pull rank, but the huge misconception about steroids is they are akin to a change in diet or exercise.

Not even close.

Unless you've seen people training on steroids, you can't judge.

Steroids practically changes a person's DNA. Saw a guy fly into a 'roid rage and punch his good friend right in the mouth for practically no reason. 

Saw many body builders and one world class Decathlete get so addicted to steroids and growing muscles they turned into grotesque freaks. 

Saw Bruce Jenner go from a 180-pound third guy on the worst US Olympic Decathlon squad ever to setting a world record four years later at 225 pounds. 

Florence Griffith Joyner went from a middle-pack sprinter to destroying the field by ten yards. 

Same with Usain Bolt. (Oh, yes I diiii-iiiiiiiid) 

Saw a world class 165-pound woman track athlete challenge a world class 220-pound Decathlete to a fist fight. 

Saw a skinny guy who wept because he could never get his bench press past 225. One month later, on steroids, he benched 300. 

Steroids is cheating. Cheaters should not be in the Hall of Fame. Period.