Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A true class act

In sad news, a TV icon, Huell Howser passed away at 67. He did PBS shows on places of interest in California called “California’s Gold.” You think Arnold Schwarzenegger is upbeat? Huell Howser made Arnold seem like Steven Wright. (Loud Tennessee accent) “You mean to tell me your dog took a poop right there? Amaaaaaaazing.” 

Just kidding, of course. Big fan of the Huell. He was like Mr. Rogers, he was so corny he was cool. Talk about contagious enthusiasm. He will be missed. 

They just aren't making them like Huell Howser anymore. 

Since you asked, 
There is a famous roadside stand that serves date shakes near the California/Arizona border on Interstate 8. You have to try a date shake once and once only; they start out tasting amazing and then slowly fade to cloying.

But that isn't best part. 

The best part are the grumpy old women who serve them. These angry witches hate everyone and everybody. 

We were standing in line outside when this one old woman shut the window panel in our faces.

So we ventured inside to the long line. They would snarl at the customers and practically throw their change back in their faces. 

The soup Nazi? He was Regis Philbin by comparison. 

It was so funny, at one point I started a loud diatribe everyone could hear;

"Wow, isn't it wonderful seeing cheerful people doing what they love?  It can just make your day. They say friendly service is a dying art? Not here at the date shake place. "

People in line were trying not to snicker and losing. The angry old date shake witches? If looks could kill, I  would be dead.

On an episode of "California's Gold", Huell Howser stormed that place and charmed the brooms right out from under these hell hags. 

He was amazing.