Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Here Tom Brady unveils his "Magician who performs at Turkish weddings" outfit. Compared to other outlandish Met Gala outfits, the Brady's were less inflated. 

It's prom time. In Florida, that means breaking up with your teacher and asking someone your age to the dance.

Melania Trump's child program is called "Be Best." That is actually short for "Be Best To Go Get Moose And Squirrel."

There was a 4.5 earthquake in Southern California. It was surprisingly strong, it shook Kanye West into a movie theater showing "Roots."

In Odisha, India, a man was mauled to death after trying to take a selfie with a bear. Bad luck he ran into an Odisha Bear. If he had ran into a Chicago Bear, the Bear would have ran three bad plays and punted.

A Colorado woman was arrested when she blew up a 7-Eleven microwave heating up a cup of urine for a drug test. I'm not a urologist, but I'm guessing if that urine blew up, it would not have passed a drug test.