Thursday, April 19, 2018

And the winner of the Wally-Look-Alike Contest, in both appearance and attitude, is . . . 

Stormy Daniels  started in pornography back in 2002. Back then she was so young, she was Partly Cloudy Daniels.

87-year-old Florida man has given over 100 gallons of blood in his lifetime. A little scary when he was asked what is like to give so much of his blood, he said, “Who said it was mine?” 

Former Raider, Aldon Smith, walked into a police station and blew a .41 blood-alcohol-content, five times the legal limit. That is drunk enough to go into a coma or marry a Kardashian.

Negotiations to purchase the company that makes the ADHD drug, Adderall, fell through. When asked to comment, the buyer said, "I like beans."

Many say the sketch-artists's rendition of the man Stormy Daniels described, who threatened her in 2011, looks like Tom Brady. Personally, I think that opinion is over-inflated.

Former Raider linebacker, Aldon Smith, blew a mind-boggling .41  blood-alcohol-content - five times the legal limit - when he went to a police station. NFL experts say that is enough alcohol to propose to a Kardashian.

This would be a nicer world if I only had diarrhea as many times as I've spelled it correctly.

It was awkward when Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, bought a stake in a race horse named Gronkowski, and  said, "So when do we get to eat the steaks?"