Friday, May 18, 2018

A wounded veteran received the first successful scrotum and penis transplant. As a result, Jared Kusner is now on the transplant waiting list.

The CDC has ranked Green Bay, WI, the drunkest city in the US. How do you think Brett Favre retired so many times? He would get drunk, retire, and then forget about it the next day.

A Florida man tried to hide his legless girlfriend, wanted for armed robbery, in a plastic tub. Now he is afraid she will roll over on him.

A 101-MPH line drive bounced off the ample belly of Texas Ranger, Bartolo Colon, and he threw the batter out. The out was scored 55, 1, 3. One being the pitcher, three being the first baseman and 55 being the inches of Colon's gut.