Thursday, May 17, 2018

An Israeli soccer team changed their name to Trump. It isn't working out well. Since changing their name to Trump, all the players want to do is eat burgers and yell at CNN.

The Cleveland Browns will be featured on HBO's training camp documentary, "Hard Knocks." Apparently HBO wanted to take a break from doing NFL teams.

Golfer, Lucas Glover's wife, Krista, was arrested for domestic abuse after she got drunk and attacked Glover for missing a cut. She also attacked Glover's mother and the police. 
At this point Tiger Woods has to be asking himself how he let this gem slip away.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather bought his dog designer shoes. That story again, Floyd Mayweather has officially run out of ways to blow his money.

Since you asked;

The following incident sums up my problem with Donald Trump. And my problems are not politics. 

No, my problems with Trump are with his personality, and this incident sums it up.

If there are two constants with Donald Trump, it is his egomania and narcissism. And, unfortunately, we also know about his, um, affection for Ivanka. (And we have all seen the picture of Ivanka eye-banging Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau)  

So you have to know that Trump went into his March 2018 trade meeting with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, with every intention of showing him up and, at the very least, not looking stupid. So that means, at least for Trump, some actual preparation, right?     

During the meeting with Trudeau, Trump repeats we have a trade deficit with Canada. The problem? Canada is one of the few countries with which we have a trade surplus. Trudeau tried to correct Trump several times, but Trump kept insisting we have a trade deficit with Canada.

The one and only thing Donald Trump had to know before that meeting was that we have a trade surplus with Canada. 

And he did not know that. The one thing.

So at his next fundraiser, realizing how stupid he looked, Trump comments that he intentionally lied about not knowing about the trade surplus. Trump decided the best way to cover up his idiocy was to lie. 

In other words, Trump was lying about lying about not knowing about the trade surplus. In more other words, Donald Trump genuinely believes that lying about a mistake is far better than admitting a mistake. 

This incident covers it all, Trump’s vanity, his lack of knowledge, his laziness, his not just flagrant disregard for the truth, but his actual love of lying.  

One of the most damning things I have ever heard someone say about someone else is they would rather lie when the truth is easier.

Trump would rather lie than do anything else.