Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Katie Perry has a gold Nike swoosh emblem on a tooth. And you won’t believe where she has a Preparation H tattoo. 

Not only will OJ Simpson be released from prison in October, but he will have access to almost $3 mil. in back pension payments. OJ will be able to dress up for Halloween as a Travesty of Justice.

Did you know it is National Procrastination Week? And I have not done a damn thing. I will be cramming all night Sunday. 

In Fort Lauderdale, a luxury cruise ship came right up to a man’s backyard. It came so close, the people in the house got the norovirus. 

For $78 a week, a company, Purple Carrot, will send you fat-free, no-carb all-vegetable meals that Tom Brady eats. And for $25 a week, you can eat like Johnny Manziel. It’s called the McDonalds Employee discount.

Since you asked:

One of the biggest signs of an unmitigated assh*le is a guy who sits back with his feet on a desk making someone wait while they yammer on the phone. 

The biggest a-hole I ever saw, Bob Felderman, used to do that all day. The guy whom  Felderman made a career out of kissing his ass, Wick Simmons, did it too.