Thursday, March 02, 2017

It has now been seven years since they found a severed hand in Palmdale, CA. And, happily, they still have not found anything in Dick Lick Springs, AK. 

Donald Trump has been accused of pandering to black and hispanic people. When asked to comment, Trump denied black/hispanic pandering saying, “That would be no bueno, homeboy.” 

Baltimore Ravens lineman, John Urschel, received four A’s in the PHD program at MIT. To which most NFL players said, “WTF?”   

It is the six-month anniversary of a man in San Francisco biting off the end of a bartender’s finger who would not serve him and police still have no leads. They had a hot tip, but they lost it. 

Apparently the man became irate when the bartender refused to give him a shot . . . of Two Fingers tequila. 
(What? They cannot all be gold) 

With the Blackhawks on a roll, this could be the year Chicago wins the World Series and the Stanley Cup. Why anything is possible, the Bears could even . . . how about those Blackhawks?