Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Tim Tebow wants to try out for Major League Baseball. If he does, he could become the first player in baseball history to throw an interception that is returned for a touchdown. 

More republicans are defecting from Donald Trump. Trump is starting to resemble that guy at the high school reunion who won’t stop trying to sell life insurance.

Since you asked:

Here is the thing that is hard to grasp about Donald Trump: Most of his really stupid statements are, believe it or not, his attempts at humor.

You have to imagine the most humorless, egomaniacal, smug dick you can, and now surround him with shameless ass kissers who  are paid to laugh at the horrible things he says. That has created a special monster that says offensive things and genuinely thinks they are funny.

Trump’s line about Megyn Kelly bleeding from wherever.

That, if she wasn’t his daughter, Trump would be dating Ivanka.

Trump mocking a disabled reporter.

Kicking a crying baby out of a speech.

On punching Michael Bloomberg so hard he would not know what hit him. 

Russia should attempt to hack Hillary's emails. 

Maybe Mrs Khan isn't allowed to speak?

And now suggesting a second amendment fanatic shoot Hillary Clinton.

As hard as it might be to comprehend, these are Trump’s attempts at cracking jokes. Imagine if Joseph Stalin decided to take a shot at stand up comedy. 

That’s Trump.

If the sexism, the racism, the ignorance and arrogance don't stop you, at the least you cannot look past at how amazingly unfunny Donald Trump is. 

That should be a deal-killer for everyone.