Sunday, August 07, 2016

In Rio, an Olympic kayaker capsized after hitting a floating sofa. Luckily the kayaker did not waken the Brazilian security guard napping on the sofa. 

Russia has been kicked out of the Rio Paralympics because of doping. Cheating at the Paralympics has to rank right up there with… no, cheating at the Paralympics is the worst.

Russia has been kicked out of the Rio Paralympics because of doping. “Wow, cheating at the Paralympics is despicable,” said a man embezzling money from blind orphans.

Donald Trump is polling one percent with black voters, the lowest ever recorded. With black voters that ranks Trump somewhere between Cold Play and polka dancing. 

Since you asked:

When athletes win medals at five Olympics, you have to question the depth of competition in those events. 

Of the top 100 athletes to repeat medals in the Olympics, only three people in track won medals in three Olympics and one of them was Carl Lewis. 

In track, only the top two or three out of nine in a heat advance. In swimming I think I saw an entire heat advance. In a rowing race, only one boat in a race did not advance. And I think that boat hit a couch and sank.

As phenomenal a swimming athlete as Michael Phelps is, he is not nearly as good as an all-around athlete as reigning gold medal decathlete, Ashton Eaton. Yes, Michael can swim like crazy. But Ashton can swim, run, jump, vault and throw. 

At various times, Ashton Eaton has been a world leader in four different track events, the 110 meter high hurdles, the long jump, the 400 meters and the 400 IM hurdles, an event not even in the decathlon. 

Ashton Eaton has one Olympic medal, Michael Phelps has 22. 

After the Russian team was banned for doping, swimmer, Yulia Efimova - a two-time cheater - was allowed to compete in Rio. Not to hammer this too hard, but that would be like letting OJ go play again for the Bills after his "Not guilty" double-murder verdict.