Sunday, August 21, 2016

Was it just me or did the Matt Lauer-Ryan Lochte interview look like the wannabe-cool high school vice principal sentencing the dumb jock to Breakfast Club? 

“Ryan, you need to use your words, because that was some stinking thinking.”

The interview by Matt Lauer of Ryan Lochte raised many questions: 

1, Why was Ryan trying to fake cry so hard? 

2, Where in the world are Matt Lauer's socks? 

3, What is the word Ryan said tantics? Antics by a tool? 

4, At age 32, isn’t the word immature replaced with stupid? 

5, Isn't over-exaggerating the same thing is under-not-lying?

6, Has anyone ever gone from blue hair to blew his career faster? 

To review. Ryan Lochte used a word in his interview with Matt Lauer, tantics. What a tasshole. 

This just in: In order to trick Ryan into crying in the Lauer interview, the crisis manager told Ryan to think about the fact he only got to use 32 of the 42 condoms he was issued at the Olympics. 

During the Ryan Lochte-Matt Lauer interview, Ryan admitted he was intoxicated. Folks, let this be a lesson to you, stupidity and alcohol are never a good combination. 

Since you asked:

By attempting to flip-flop on immigration, woo Bernie Sanders supporters and appeal to African Americans, Donald Trump is alienating his core constituency to pursue people who will never, ever vote for him. The guy has to be trying to lose this election.