Saturday, August 20, 2016

At the Rio Olympics, the athletes were given 42 condoms each. Or as the US men’s badminton team calls that: “Hey, Mom. I’m coming home with 42 condoms. Neat, huh?”

At the Rio Olympics, athletes were given 42 condoms each. Or as the US men’s badminton team calls that, “Who wants to trade 42 condoms for Pokemon characters?” 

In Rio, nine Australian athletes were arrested and fined $4,000 each for tampering with their security passes to get into a basketball game. One athlete in particular is in trouble because he changed his security card name to “Ryan Lochte.”

Since you asked:

Not a big fan of the USA Olympic warm ups. The tiny stripes in the sleeve are kind of dorky and robot/spacesuit looking. The USA letters on the back look government issued. Too form fitting. They have way too much of a “Hipster on his way to yoga” look.

Big Olympic Winners:

Ashton Eaton and Brianne Theissen Eaton. (Imagine how they will do on Mother/Daughter/Daddy/Son Field Day?

Usain Bolt. Big winner here was Track and Field

10K Women Runners who helped each other. 

Whoever makes those bikini bottoms the women beach volleyball players use. That is one impressive garment. 

The name Simone. (Both Biles and Manuel) 

Allyson Felix. Class, class, and more class. 

Trey Hardee. His commentary was smart, funny and spot-on. Quite a contrast to the old days of Dwight "Lord I am a self-important tool" Stones. 

Big Olympic Losers:

Ryan Lochte

NBC. Why did I see more of women's synchronized swimming and Usain Bolt warming up in the tunnel than all of the Decathlon? 

Brazilian fans in the stands. Rude, booing a-holes.

Men's 4 X 100. They have been DQ'd nine times in Olympics and World Championship since '95. Who could imagine putting four egomaniacs together for a couple weeks instead of a practiced team is not a good idea?

The blue track. Looks like the track at Boise High. 

Chris Marlowe. (See: Dwight Stones) 

Ryan Lochte (Yes, I know I said him twice) 

In a second interview with Matt Lauer, Ryan Lochte said he “Over-exaggerated” his story. Which is also known as “Under Not-Lying.”

The important thing about getting caught lying is that people realize there are consequences. Ryan Lochte is losing sponsors. Mark Sanford lied about an affair and had to resign as Governor of South Carolina. Brian Williams lied about getting shot down in Afghanistan and lost his job as the NBC news anchor. Hillary Clinton lied about getting shot at by snipers in Bosnia and Donald Trump lied about his debt and they are running for president. 

Bad last examples.