Friday, August 19, 2016

Did you hear about the unluckiest sports agent in the world? After his client, Hope Solo, called Sweden cowards, he said, “Thank god for my other client, Ryan Lochte.” 

After Ryan Lochte’s claim of being robbed at gunpoint was a lie, he has been dumped by clothing sponsor, Ralph Lauren. But he has been hired as a fact-checker for Melania Trump. 

French race-walker, Yohann Deniz, suffered embarrassing intestinal problems during his race. How embarrassing? He actually took a Ryan Lochte in his shorts. 

Former Donald Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, resigned. In political terms this is known as calling for an Uber sea-cab from onboard the Titanic. 

Ryan Lochte’s fake robbery is starting to clarify some of Ryan’s tweets: “Pain is temporarily. Pride is forever.” Well, at least he did not say formerly. 

Ryan Lochte’s Rio holdup story was a lie. Look for Ryan in “People” magazine’s “Where are they now?” issue in a year where Ryan says his 2016 fall from grace was a blessing in disguise or his life partner, Cooper, would have never have introduced him to his love of being a food service ceramic sanitation technician.