Friday, June 17, 2016

Everyone needs pickles, Torn Slattern and Nugget Ranchers

In China, artists are painting calligraphy using brushes inserted in their vaginas. Critics have dismissed the art as “Bush League.” 

You’ve heard the term Art Deco? This is Art Taco.

The identity of the artists is a mystery. It is a real “Who-Ha Done It?”

The artists claim the paintings were done by their vaginas only and that their work was not tainted. 

The documentary “OJ: Made In America” is bringing back memories of the racial divide caused by the Simpson trial. Specifically how Kate Kaelin’s testimony made even white people hate white people.

At a speech in Atlanta, Herman Cain said, “Donald Trump is not a racist.” Then Trump said, “Herman, you are my new African American. The other guy? You’re fired.”

A Federal court has upheld a ruling guaranteeing Internet access for all. For I believe it was the great patriot, Patrick Henry, who said, “Give me lipstick lesbians or give me death.” 

Comedian Kevin Hart had $500,000 in jewelry, watches and clothes stolen from his home. Kevin had security, but apparently it came up short.

Charlie Sheen - who is HIV positive -  has endorsed a line of Swedish condoms. That’s like having a Kardashian endorse an online university.

After meeting privately with Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders is still running. Apparently Bernie did not jump at Hillary’s offer to be a greeter at Hillary’s campaign gift shop. 

Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is polling unfavorably with 70% of the US. In a related story, Illinois is investigating harnessing the alternative energy of Abraham Lincoln spinning in his grave. 

Yesterday was 6-16-16 with three sixes. Asked to comment, Donald Trump said nothing and released his snarling Rottweilers with the red glowing eyes.