Sunday, June 12, 2016

In the Preakness, Creator won narrowly by a nose. And by a nose we are not talking Barbra Streisand, we’re talking adult Michael Jackson. 

Chef, Bobby Flay, purchased a piece of Belmont winner, Creator, prior to the race. This has to be the first time a chef buying part of a horse has turned out to be good news. 

Without a Triple Crown contender, the Belmont Stakes turned into the high school graduation party where none of the jocks or cheerleaders showed up. 

FOX Sports reporter, Emily Austin, was fired for making racist comments on Facebook Live. Between this and the ugly on-film tirade against a parking lot attendant by ESPN’s, Britt McHenry, I am beginning to suspect pretty blonde sports reporters may not be quite as brilliant as we all assumed.

In a documentary, one of OJ Simpson’s prison guards said he heard Khloe Kardashian beg OJ to take a paternity test because she was afraid he was her father. Hard to believe OJ could do something like that to his best friend, Rob Kardashian. Oh, wait, OJ murdered the mother of his children and a stranger. Yeah, he could do something like that.  

However, it is impossible to imagine a woman as classy as Kris Kardashian could ever cheat on her husband with his best friend, whah, hah, hah. Shoot, I thought I could say it without laughing…