Saturday, February 13, 2016

Federal lawmakers are trying to get the legal blood-alcohol limit lowered from .08 to .05. To put that in perspective, .05 is considered sober, .10 is intoxicated and .15 is “Damn, Adele, why your “Hello” got to be so real and bitch me up like that?” 

“Stars” featured a “40 Most Hated Stars” and all three Kardashian sisters made it. It has to hurt Rob Kardashian to know he does not have enough talent to be hated as a Kardashian. 

If the San Diego Chargers had accepted the Los Angeles Rams' offer, they would have forever been the cousin in the Ska band sleeping on the couch. 

White Castle is accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day. The $100 includes three courses, candles, a table cloth and a towel for the man to wipe off the drink she throws in his face.

Ex-NBA, Ivan Johnson, kicked out of Philippine Basketball Association for life. Side note: there is an opening to be Ivan Johnson’s agent.