Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Was it just me, or did Bernie and Hillary remind you of an old couple at a garage sale fighting over a George Foreman grill? 

"Here, Bernie, I'm getting you this George Foreman grill."

"No, I don't want it, I like my Weber."

"But Bernie, you never use the Weber. Besides, this doesn't need coals and it loses the fat. Such fat you shouldn't have."

"Stop with the fat. Stop with the coals. I like the coals. I like the fat. It's the best part." 

Since you asked:

From time-to-time, words come along and help us astute and savvy individuals identify the tools. The nobs. The bite-wads. 

Using the word “people” to address a group, for example. Using literally whether it needs to be distinguished from metaphorically or not. And using literally literally too much. Using the word “issues” way too much. “Walk with me” is a red flag you are about to go on a little interoffice hike with a douche-us. 

Well, I believe we have two more. When did narrative become a fancy version of story, idea or thought? And agenda? When did agenda come to mean everyone’s idea, goal, wish, want or desire? 

Be on the wary, be on the askance, be on the hooze-snoggy for people who use narrative and agenda too much.

Believe me, I am neither qualified nor inclined to be pedantic. Quite the opposite. Literally I am literally a rube. My concern is being on the look-out for flimpie schnoodiloids trying to sound smarter than they are.