Thursday, May 07, 2015

An NFL investigation proves Tom Brady did know about the deflated balls, so now Tom Brady is in trouble. And yet, somehow I don’t think Tom will lose any sleep-with-a-super-model over this.

An NFL report reveals Tom Brady knew about the deflated footballs. It is important to teach your children cheaters never win. Except for the Super Bowl. And Lance Armstrong’s seven Tour De France wins. And George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential election. And Barry Bonds’s home run records. But besides that.

Hooters is featuring a Mother’s Day special where moms get a free meal with a drink order. This is the Hooter’s “Mothers, You Have Utterly Failed As a Parent” special.

Since you asked:

By no means am I a Belichick/Brady hater, but I am also not a fan.

Having said that, this Deflate Gate is a thorough waste of time.  Let it go.

My god, NFL, next season you will probably have two known rapists starting at quarterback. (Winston and two-time-rapist, Roethlisberger) A known child abuser at running back (Peterson) and god knows how many women beaters, drunk drivers and drug abusers.

You have second-year players who can't remember their pin numbers due to C.T.E.

Balls that need a couple pounds of air are the least of your problems.

If the balls were not legal, that responsibility falls to the refs who handle them on each and every play.

The Prince and Princess of England, Kate and William, named their baby the classy Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Hear that American parents? No incredibly annoying names like Kale, Montana, Topher, Tristan, Kristellian, Pear, Brooklania, Biscuit and Scarlottus.