Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Now, why did Jim Rash ban Donald Sterling from the Clippers?

What are the odds a guy named Silver would ban a guy named Sterling? 

In a desperate move, Donald Sterling attempts to rename the Clippers the Rudy Huxtables. 

Banned for life. So I guess Sterling can add the Clippers to the Beverly Hills Victoria Secret where he was caught pleasuring himself in the dressing room. 

Since you asked:

Wow, got to say I am impressed by NBA's Silver. Did not think Sterling would have to sell team, but clearly, with the bailing of the sponsors and the other owners going against him, he will have to sell. 

This is a good sign. When big rich dudes get away with ripping people off for millions and millions, like Donald Trump, I thought Sterling would get away with racism. Happily, I was wrong.  

Sterling is a bad guy who is getting what he deserves. It just doesn't happen that much. 

Kudos Silver. He read the room and stepped the eff up.