Monday, April 28, 2014

To give you an idea how bad things are going for accused racist L.A. Clipper owner, Donald Sterling, to take some of the heat off of himself, he is changing the team’s name to the Redskins.

For the first time, Chick- fil-A had a higher profit than KFC. As a result, KFC is going to introduce their new anti-gay marriage special: The Tea Party Platter: it’s all right wings.

Paul Simon was charged with domestic disturbance; apparently there is one more way to leave your lover.

Turns out the whole Edie Brickell, Paul Simon domestic arrest was a mistake. They misunderstood when we said we hadn't had any hits from them in a while.
Random Randoms

What if it turns out Brits have been faking their accents the whole time?

Can't believe it has come down to me giving advice to a billionaire, but, hey, Donald Sterling, one word: prostitutes. 

To be candid, my celeb/comedian feud, ala Kimmel-Kanye, Trump-Meyers, Jenner-Fallon, is not panning out as well as I had hoped. Come on, Oprah, is that all you got? Bring it. 

Witnessed a mom picking up her kid at a local high school with her car turned and stopped at an angle that caused her to block the road in both directions. Folks were angry, folks were honking, folks were yelling and swearing. (No, not me) Guess what? She just did not care. 

The problem is not just that Donald Sterling is a racist - he most certainly is - the problem is Sterling is one of the biggest a-holes alive. Racist is just going along for the ride along with sexist, cheapskate, liar, phony, hypocrite, sleaze-ball and cheater. How do guys like that get so rich? 

Anyone have any doubts how this Donald Sterling scandal will play out? After Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and Gloria Allred cash in on their free publicity to air the righteous indignation, the NBA will hammer Sterling with a huge, blanket suspension. (No, they can't take the team away)

Sterling will sue the NBA and it will all be settled out of court. Sterling may then sell the team, but only if he receives an obscene amount above and beyond what the team is worth, somewhere north of a billion, and that probably won't happen. 

Don't forget, in addition to being a vile racist and a hypocrite, Sterling is also a lawyer. Not just any lawyer, this guy made a billion dollars profiting on the misery and pain of people suffering from accidents and divorce. He is a full-blown ambulance chaser. 

Is Donald Sterling an evil racist who should not own an NBA team? In a just world, yes. But the only thing people hate almost as much as a rich hypocrite racist is a gold-digging bimbo. As bad as Sterlings comments were, and they were horrible, a true reflection of how vile he is, they were said in private. 

Sterling deserves the poop storm that will rain down on his sleazy head. Nobody has said anything nice about this guy in twenty years. 

And the gold digging harlot will make a few bucks before she vanishes and reappears in "People" magazine's "Where are they now?" issue. There she will discuss her rehab, her addiction to plastic surgery, her bankruptcy and her discovering Christ. 

But Sterling is not going to give up the team.