Monday, April 14, 2014

Bubba Watson won his second Masters and celebrated at the Waffle House; it was a little awkward when they bumped into Tiger Woods who was getting a waitress to go.

Oh, come on, US Airways, you can't figure out how to advertise your red-eye flights better than that? 

Here are some words or phrases I hate or I am starting to hate:

Walk with me. (pretentious was of saying “I want to talk to you but I am too busy –or you are not worth – taking the time to sit down)

People, people, people.  (this is how an a-hole addresses a meeting)

I’m just saying. (all . . . )

At the end of the day. (three . . . )

It is what it is. (are useless . . .)

I had no context for that. (snotty way of saying I don’t get it)

Good note.

I can’t wrap my head around this. (I sure hope not)

F.Y.I. (S.M.D.)

Scenario (unless you are talking about a book or movie, it is pretentious)

Throw him under the bus (it was cute, now it is not)

Hashtag every freaking thing

Literally (using literally too much, which is to mean more than when something could be mistaken for figuratively, but it isn't, as in "I was literally down to my last penny" He had one cent in his pocket.

Really? Seriously? (you're just going to say really or seriously instead of actually saying something?) 

Data-based, fact-wise, statistically-oriented. (You mean numbers?)