Friday, April 11, 2014

New Jersey Gov., Chris Christie, vetoes a minimum wage increase saying it is "Too much too soon." Coincidentally, "Too much, too soon" was the reason Christie was kicked out of the Red Lobster "All you can eat shrimp buffet." 

Fisherman in the Baltic found a message in a bottle that is 100 years old. It read; “Now that the Cubs have built beautiful Wrigley Field, I bet they win a ton of World Series.”

Heard this great story from great comedian and comedy writer, Carol Leifer, in her new book "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying."

Carol was the lone female writer on "Seinfeld" When people ask what Jerry is like, she makes sure they know he is not just a nice guy, he is a "mensch". That is yiddish for a nice guy on steroids.

One day she gets a call her Long Island father fell and hit his head. Not only that, but he was out of it. Carol was told the next 24 was crucial. So Jerry offers to fly her out with him on his private jet from LA to Long Island for a couple of days. Next day they get in the plane and munch on amazing  lox and bagels and champagne.

She rushes to the hospital and, much to her relief, her father is totally lucid. Yes, stiches and scrapes, but his mind is fine. 

The next day she goes to see how he is before flying back to L.A. and the nurse gives Carol bad news:

"It seems like his dementia has returned. He keeps insisting his daughter flew out here on a private jet with Jerry Seinfeld and they ate bagels and drank champagne at 30,000 feet. We may have to keep him an extra day or so." 

Got my office professionally cleaned while I was out buying wine. Feel like one of those Hollywood producers who takes a steam, gets a massage and pedicure while his car is getting detailed and his clothes are getting pressed. Then gets on the phone with his wife to complain about how hard his day is so she needs to book their table at Dan Tana's. 

Dan Tana's