Thursday, May 10, 2012

This album cover shot -  one of the greatest albums of all time - was shot exactly one block from where my New York apartment was located. I lived on West Third near MacDougal, this was taken on Sullivan and West Third. Wow, wow, wow, wow (and just in case you missed it, I will throw in one more) wow. Of course this was taken in 1970, I lived there in 1983.  

Arguably three of the greatest albums of all time cover shots were taken in the Village. Led Zeppelin's "Physical Graffitti" was taken at 96 St. Marks Place in the East village. (Just a few blocks east of where Robert Plant and I had a lovely chat inside the Bleecker Street vintage record company) Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde" West 4th street, like the song, "Positively Fourth Street" and "After the Goldrush."