Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Eager for action, hot for the game, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

What an exciting Kentucky Derby. It was won by a horse called “I’ll Have Another” closely followed by, “No, you’ve had enough” with “Stop nagging me, witch” in third and “I should have married a rich guy” rounding out the field.

 “The Avengers” broke a weekend box office record opening with over $200 million. In a related story, the New York Mets changed their name to “The Avengers.”
A female NBA stalker walked on the court of the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game, Sunday. The players were scared. Not as scared as if she was holding a baby, but scared all the same.

A female NBA stalker interrupted the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game, Sunday, to get to Kenyon Martin. The problem? Kenyon Martin was traded from the Nuggets. Man, that is one lazy stalker if she didn’t do enough research to know Martin wasn’t on the team.

Since you asked: 
Kudos to the movie "Bully" for inspiring the crack-down on bullying. I was staunchly anti-bully when I grew up because I saw the damage true bullying did to my brother. 

In a perfect world, there is no bullying. But we live in world with Geico commercials and the Kardashians. Bullying exists and it will exist as long as we keep producing insecure a-holes.

One of my old bosses in San Diego was a bully. He shamelessly made everyone kiss his ass, as he was obviously bullied as a child and now he felt it was his turn to get back now that he finally had some power. 

Nice people who were bullied do not bully back. They know how hurtful it is and they wouldn't do it. Bullies are not nice people. There is nothing worse than an a-hole who used to get bullied with power. See: my stupid bald, fat boss, Rush Limbaugh, Donald Trump and Michael Moore. 

Everybody gets bullied. As I was one of the strongest in all my grades, I could not get bullied by anyone my age. That didn't stop the neighborhood bullies from beating me up when I was seven and they were 10. (Yes, I got them back later)

Around age 16, bullying switches to verbal attacks. Fine with me, I had a sharp wit even as a child. Somebody tried to hurt my feelings? That gave me free reign to dig into them with everything I had. And it wasn't pretty. 

My point is legislating protection against bullies is good. But a kid needs to know, if he goes to school with chocolate smeared all over his face, or his fly open, he is going to get a  hard time. That is just how it is.  

And, as much as we want to protect them, kids need to learn how to defend themselves.