Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cooool reeeeesmooohhh, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

A female NBA stalker walked on the court of the Lakers-Nuggets playoff game, Sunday. The players were scared. Not as scared as if she was holding a baby, but scared all the same.

It is Teacher Appreciation Week. When asked to comment, one high school student said; “I’d liked to be giving my bestest appreciation to my most goodliest teacher.”
 “OMG, like, my teacher was totally like my BFF, LOL, whatevs.”
The Columbian hooker hired by the Secret Service, Dania Suarez, said her career was ruined by the scandal. Oh no, does this mean she won’t be able to put herself through medical school?

The Columbian hooker hired by the Secret Service, Dania Suarez, said her career was ruined by the scandal. And she can kiss that Fulbright grant for rocket science research goodbye.

The CIA thwarted another al Qaeda airline underwear bomb attempt, this time before it happened. What is it with these terrorists and blowing up their underwear? Haven’t they heard of doing the laundry?

A new study reveals people who suffer depression in middle-age are more likely to get dementia/memory loss when they get older. The bad news is you will still get depressed. The good news is you won’t remember it.

“Veep” on HBO is getting good reviews. It features Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as the vice president with that “West Wing”-like rapid-fire witty political banter. Unlike real life where our congressmen accidentally text a picture of their junk on Twitter.

Since you asked:
At this point and time and juncture, I would like to propose and initiate an initiative that is both actionable and innovative as well as inclusive and substantive in as far as coalescing integral aspects for assessing functionality as well as objectivity and or subjectivity in an in-sourcing and proceed-able venue and forum that accesses accountability as well as integration in a duality of sustainable progress going forward, both farther and further, from this point on, relativity notwithstanding.

Damn it, I should have been a politician/lawyer.When reading the above, it is important to make a fist but with your thumb extended and pointing it.