Thursday, May 10, 2012

It is Teacher Appreciation Week. When asked to comment, one high school student said; “I’d liked to be giving my bestest appreciation to my most goodliest teacher.”

It is Teacher Appreciation Week. Asked to comment, one high school student said; “OMG, like, my teacher was totally like my BFF, LOL, whatevs.”

The Columbian hooker hired by the Secret Service, Dania Suarez, said her career was ruined by the scandal. Oh no, does this mean she won’t be able to put herself through medical school?

Let's play "You're a Mitt Romney Campaign Advisor." 

You just found out Mitt did a heartless and brutal thing to a sensitive male classmate at a really expensive boarding school. He tackled and cut the bleach-blonde bangs off an effeminate classmate making Mitt a entitled a-hole bully long before it became chic to be a entitled a-hole bully. 

Is anyone surprised guys like George W. Bush and John Kerry and Joe Kennedy Jr. - this is not about politics, it is about rich-kid bullies - and Mitt Romney were world class bullies and jerks when they were high school preppie kids? 

It is all kid's jobs to push the rules. Most of us, who were brought up in good families with nice hands-on parents, not nannies, found out that, when you bend the rules, there is a serious price to pay in terms of punishment and or displeasure.

Guys like Mitt, Joe, John and George didn't have to worry about that. That results in some severe rule bending without much in the way of discipline. 

If I'm a teacher at Cranbrook in Bloomfield Hills and I just hear that the governor's nasty little brat just did something awful to some poor little goofy kid? Might pretend I didn't hear about it. 

If the kid, Mitt,  is a world class a-hole, chances are Governor /dad is a world class a-hole and world class a-holes have a way of getting private school teachers, who discipline their kids, fired. 

Picture the snotty rich kids at the school in "Scent of a Woman" who pulled the paint-on-the-car prank on the a-hole principal. They didn't get in trouble. Who did? The poor scholarship kid from Oregon who happened to see it.

Snotty rich kids of powerful dads may cause trouble, but they do not get in trouble. 

So now you/me are on the bratty rich kid's campaign staff and I hear about this heartless and mean hair-cutting fiasco? 

How do we spin it?

"The Romney campaign would like to let it be known that the young Mitt Romney briefly considered dabbling in a career in men's hairstyling as a youth simply as a means to make extra spending money. 

However, as Mitt was straight - and thus not possessing the DNA required to cut other people's hair - he decided one haircut was enough. But, as a show of his unending generosity, Mitt did not charge the young man for a on-location bang trim."

"Oh, and would somebody please kill me? Don't worry, my soul left my body months ago."