Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Herman Cain says he does not know who the leaders of Uzbekistan are nor does he care; come on, even Sarah Palin knows this one, it's in the name: Who's Becky and Stan?

The Bengals traded Carson Palmer to the Raiders; Palmer was on the team, he just decided he didn't want to play so he didn't show up. Just like the Boston Red Sox.

President Obama's teleprompter was stolen. Asked to comment, President Obama said; "Ladies and Gentlemen, um, uh, good night."

The United States Postal Service announced the price of a first class stamp is going up one cent to 45 cents January 22nd, next year. About the same time a letter mailed now will be delivered.

They announced it via e-mail.

I like that Herman Cain, he reminds me of the high school math teacher who wore a bow tie and called everyone Champ.