Monday, October 17, 2011

You're thinking the same thing I did when I saw this: that paddle is way too short for her

Rep. candidate Herman Cain said his comment about electrifying illegal aliens was a joke and Americans need to get a sense of humor. To which Rick Perry asked; “Where do I get a sense of humor, is that an iPhone app or something?”

And you know something, Cain is right. Everybody is happy to admit our society has a huge problem with rude over-entitlement, but nobody will admit when they're rude and over-entitled.

If your beliefs, political, religious or otherwise, are so shrill, rigid and unyielding that you cannot laugh at a joke about them, congratulations, you are officially part of the over-entitlement problem.

We all hate the people who park in the fire lane, we hate the people who have more than 20 items in the 15-items-or-less grocery store line. We hate the people loudly yammering on their cell phone.

But, oh, wait, I just have a few things more than 15, and I am just parking while I drop this one thing off. And this is an important call.

When someone starts out by saying; "I've got as good a sense of humor as anyone, but" no they don't. And remember, everything before the but is B.S.

"I've got as good a sense of humor as anyone, but, making jokes about hurting poor starving people coming from Mexico is not funny."

A, it's just a joke, b, it is funny, and c, that person is a self-righteous pain-in-the-ass.