Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jill Costello: 2011 Spirit of ABW Award

That is the true frickus and a whoop-ginny, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Guess who is performing at halftime of the Super Bowl? Madonna. Yeah, I guess Tiffany was booked.

BlackBerry is experiencing outages all over North America. It is so sad, today I saw a guy driving trying to Google on his garage door opener.

Mexico is bracing for Hurricane Jova. However, after hearing about the rampant drug violence in Mexico, Hurricane Jova decided to turn back and vacation in Hawaii instead.

Ozzie Osbourne is going to be a grandfather again. When asked to comment, Ozzie said; “I’m proud of my son, Jack and his fiancé, Lisa.” That or he said “Umba rowdy mice on shack anise fancily easy.”

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, it took me a day to get the courage, but, wow, here I go: I would like to announce that Michelle Bachman’s husband, Marcus, is gay. Phew. That took guts.

Remember Joe The Plumber? He has filed to run for congress from Ohio. Yeah, when it came to running for office, Joe The Plumber thought he’d take a crack at it.

A pregnant woman, Amber Miller, ran the Chicago Marathon and then gave birth to a healthy baby girl seven hours later. They decided to name the baby June, actually her full name is June “What the hell was I thinking?” Miller.

In South Africa, a mountain bike racer was rammed by an antelope. Screw the home on the range if this is how the antelope play.

In California, mountain bikers are attacked by Mountain lions. Ocean swimmers are attacked by sharks, in South Carolina, a jogger got hit by a plane. But nothing ever happens to the guys eating Cheetos on the couch. 

Guess who is going to perform at the halftime of the Super Bowl? Madonna. When told a washed-up middle-aged performer who looks like a scary transvestite was performing, most people thought it was Steven Tyler.

The largest sperm bank in the world, Cyros, has said they cannot take anymore donations from redheaded men, they have much more supply of sperm than demand. Or as I called more sperm supply than demand: high school.

Since you asked:
Lord I had a blast on my board, J.C. (named in honor of Jill Costello) at Scripps and La Jolla Shores this morgan. Many nice three-to-four footers. Rights and lefts with one nice kick out.

But SUP surfing, if done hard, do wipe a body out. Came home, had a piece of cinnamon coffee cake, a Latte, and a smoothie, did some work, and then slipped into something comfortable on my office leather couch called a coma. One of those close-your-eyes-open-them-and-it-turns-out-to-be-an-hour-later deals.