Sunday, April 17, 2011

Anyone misinformed enough to think Donald Trump would make a good president because he is so successful in business is just plain wrong.

Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times. More importantly, Trump has been sued by wronged investors countless times. A resort in Mexico went south and Trump just walked away. All the investors said, in a class action lawsuit, he lied to their face, took their money, and when it didn't work, left them holding the bag. The people who got swindled by Trump think of him as no better than Bernie Madoff.

Here is the Trump method of business. He uses his name to attract investors, promises to guarantee a great return and then, if it doesn't work, he walks away. In other words, he lies to them. When a business does work, like "The Apprentice" Trump takes all of the credit. When a business fails - and many more have failed than succeeded - he says he was merely lending it his name and had no financial obligation. Again, he lies.

In short, Donald Trump is a pathological liar on top of being a flaming egomaniac.