Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Screw runways, let’s land this here beyatch in the Hudson, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Not true
One of the urban myths about the Super Bowl is that entire city sewage systems burst at halftime from pressure of the simultaneous flushing of so many toilets. In fact the only NFL-related sewage problem is, well, the Detroit Lions.

Easy predictions
Guys here are Valentines Day predictions: if you get your woman something with a diamond, you’ll have a good Valentines Day. If you get your woman a Snuggie, it could go either way. If you get your wife a ShamWOW, you’ll sleep alone on the couch.

Not sure about that
The Chicago Cubs were sold to a private family, the Ricketts, for $900 million. But I am not sure how this will work. Today the Cubs announced two roster moves, their opening day pitcher will be 16-year-old Cooper Ricketts and their new third baseman is 12-year-old Hannah Ricketts.

Sorry about that
The Chicago Cubs were sold to a private family, the Ricketts, for $900 million. In a related story, the cool kids at Lake Michigan Elementary School would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Clarence Ricketts for hanging him from his underwear on a locker hook.

One night
“People” magazine had fun facts about the White House. Did you know the White House has locks and keys on the doors? They didn’t until one late night when Hillary Clinton had them installed to lock out Bill.

Did you know the First Lady gets her own hybrid rose? Yes, Hillary’s rose is called, Bill says he is really, really sorry.

New meaning
New York Knick Eddy Curry is being sued for sexual harassment by his male ex-driver. Kind of brings new meaning to the term backdoor pass.

White House facts
Do you know what the color the White House is painted? Whisper White. Except when the Clintons were there, then it wasn’t Whisper White it was “Shhhhhh, Hilary will hear us” White.

There are perks to living in the White House. 24 hour kitchen staff, full time drivers and limos, and, up until eight years ago, all interns received a free breast exam from the President himself.