Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sports Update:

Just kidding, Ralph
Usually governors bet on the NCAA Women’s title game, but no bet was collected between our Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tennessee’s Gov. Phil Bredesen over Tennessee’s win over Stanford. Actually, there was a bet, but nobody in Tennessee would eat a fish taco.

There is another shake up in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Mark Penn, senior campaign advisor, was fired because of a disagreement over a Columbian trade agreement. Their disagreement apparently got ugly. Hillary threatened to put on her Karate pantsuit.

Good call
A Kansas neighborhood missed the end of the NCAA title game after a car crashed into a cable box thus depriving viewers the chance to see the Jayhawks defeat Memphis for their first title since 1988. A local judge then ruled the resultant hanging of the errant motorist by an angry mob as justifiable homicide.

Don't get mad at the messenger, Mark O'Snake
Did you know, despite earning one hundred times more than most PGA players, Tiger Woods is known as the worst tipper on tour? One golf course employee carried Tiger’s bags up a hill to the clubhouse. Do know what tip Tiger gave him? He told him to get a sub prime mortgage.