Thursday, September 13, 2007

We gonna make the play like they did back in the day, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Rancers

Good news
A Buffalo Bills player, Kevin Everett, badly hurts his neck in a game and just when the doctors announce he is paralyzed, he voluntarily moves his arms and legs. Isn’t that great? He voluntarily moved his arms and legs. Hell, most of the Oakland Raiders can’t do that.

Doctors say Everett will be able to walk and do most normal tasks but he can’t play professional football. So that means he can still be a Cleveland Brown.

Hef getting’ it done
In an interview 81-year-old Hugh Heffner claims he still has sex three times a week. When asked how good it is, Hef replied; “How good is what?”

In an interview 81-year-old Hugh Heffner claims he still has sex three times a week. And that is just the number of times he had sex that he can remember.

Or something like that
Bathroom party animal Idaho Senator Larry Craig wants to withdraw his guilty plea. Now he claims he wasn’t touching another guy in the stall, he was simply gerrymandering the bathroom.

Can fix an awful picture
Two Pittsburgh researchers have developed a software that can take really bad photographs and fix them. It takes awful shots and turns them into great shots. It works, they took a picture of Britney Spears at the MTV show and, bam, it turned her into Gwen Stefani.

It took the team picture of the Oakland Raiders and turned it into the Indianapolis Colts.

19 Years Gone
Legendary rock band Led Zeppelin is going to get back together after 19 years for one concert.
What did the original Led Zeppelin fan say when he was told that Led Zeppelin is getting back together? “Eh? Speak up sonny. Who is Ted Heffelen? ”

Musical challenges
The big thing in the music business is open challenges to other artists. Kanye West challenged 50 Cent and Country Singer Kenny Chesney to a record sales contest. And just today, Ashley Simpson challenged Madonna and Britney Spears to a bad lip-synch contest.

Hate those things
Don’t you just hate the junk e-mails? I’ve been getting two lately “OMG (Oh my god) somebody has a huge crush on you.” And an offer to add three inches to my penis. So which one is it? If I really needed three inches on my penis, somebody probably wouldn’t have a crush on me.

Since you asked:
Man, I loved me some Led Zeppelin when I was a buck. Still do. At a time when Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were busy being dead, the Beatles were being Yoko’d to death, Roger Daltry was preoccupied with a pretty boy movie career and Mick Jagger was going through a very-troubling-to-a-young-teenage-boy gender bending silly campy faze, Eric Clapton was sick of being a guitar god while exploring the depth of heroine addiction, and the Eagles hadn’t really gotten rolling, Led Zeppelin was it.

Now Led’s preoccupation with “Lord of the Rings” seems hilariously dorky for a rocking band, but back then, it simply added to their mystery and storm-the-English-castle-and-rape-and-pillage image

If you don’t know, the mighty Zep was formed when Keith Moon and Pete Townsend left the Who sick of Roger Daltry’s diva fits. When Page announced they would jack up the rock on classic American blues songs, Moon said;

“That will go over like a lead balloon”

Moon left the still-being-formed band and went back to the Who. Hence the name Led Zeppelin.

Man, I gotta start charging for this stuff . . .