Friday, September 30, 2016

Bowserbeast, from the East, he's the most, not the least, Torn Slatterns and Nugget Ranchers

Throwback Saturday. This was Puppy Wally.  He's always had that, "I'm sorry, can I help you?" look. 

Congratulations to Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who just had their second child. Their first child is a girl named James. They named the girl James because being the daughter of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively wasn’t going to mess her up enough. 

Stanford was crushed by Washington 44-6. And due to their high admission standards, even Stanford’s trash talking was bad:

“Say there, athletic protagonist, scuttlebutt is your matriarch’s body mass index scalability is not salubrious.”

A poor debate has resulted in a dip in the polls for Donald Trump, and he is not happy about it. Or, as a headline in the '40’s would put it:  

Debate Dump Has Trump a Grump Due to Slump.

Dear Trump Followers;

Believe me, I get your dislike of Hillary. (See above)

But Trump has gone so far beyond that. His behavior to his own Miss Universe is so scorchingly despicable. Trump is a Bond Villain. Trump is everything that can possibly be wrong with a human being, let alone a presidential candidate.

Trump not only screws-over wives, business partners, waiters, painters, dishwashers, students, beauty contestants, bartenders, caterers, architects, plasterers, plumbers, dry-wallers, glass workers, but he loves doing it. It gives his tiny little thing joy to show he is more powerful than the rest of us. 

Yes, I know you're angry. But deep in your guts you cannot be for this vile little jerk, Trump.